Crater Lake, Naivasha-Kenya

This is a gem that every lover of nature should have in their list. It’s hidden off Naivasha highway; if you have been to Hells Gate National Park, same direction only that Crater Lake is farther up the road. It is about 30 kms from the highway. We had been looking forward to getting back into hiking after being locked up since March and so this was a welcome relief.

To my fellow hikers, this will not count as a hike because it comes to an abrupt end just as your body starts warming up (statistics below). Its beauty and tranquility is however worth your time. There is also a camping site and you can also go on a game drive. In entirety, it is very family friendly and hence a deserved getaway from the hustle and bustle. A hotel sits within the property but due to the pandemic, they have had to close their doors until further notice.

Choose to wear cargo pants and a long sleeved top as opposed to anything else should you choose to hike it. Possibly once normalcy resumes the long grass and vegetation around the lake will be tamed but why find out the hard way? The grass will leave unnecessary cuts, thorns will prick your skin and you’ll generally your body will be screaming should you choose to expose it.

The water levels have risen to a point of damaging some parts of the hotel-the pool was completely swallowed.
Distance round the crater lake
Altitude is actually lower than Nairobi!


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